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Book editor, Aimée Hill, on a board walk among some trees.

Aimée Hill – Fantasy Book Editor

On your team to craft stories and sentences.

It goes without saying that you are looking for high-quality editing. But deeper than that, you are looking for a collaborative relationship with an editor where your voice feels heard and where you are encouraged to consider all input and be involved in each step.

Do you need book editing?

Fantasy book editor, Aimée Hill, sat in the sun.

A bit about me.

The mystical force behind tracked changes.

I work with authors like you to strengthen the shape and voice of stories. You've spent long hours crafting your manuscript. Let me join your team to sharpen it. Are you an overwriter or an underwriter? Perhaps you're so close to your words that the 351 instances of the phrase "and then" has slipped your attention.​

I'm here to be your fresh pair of eyes.

When I'm not poring over your words, I can be found in my sewing room or tangled up in lengths of yarn. My dream is to own a field with some sheep and chickens.

Want to work together? Get in touch today.

Holly Möller – high fantasy author

It was a real surprise for me that I felt super positive after reading your report rather than having a confidence low. You have somehow managed to give lots of useful feedback without ever making me feel negative or criticised in any way. I now feel inspired and emboldened to work on the manuscript again.

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