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To chat about your book or request a sample edit contact now!​

Get the conversation started in just four easy steps.

Thanks for submitting!


Have you written a fantasy book or a sci-fi? Tell me all about your manuscript and genre.


Tell me what excites your about your manuscript! It helps me get a feel for your voice.


Let me know what level of editing or what bundle you're after. Or ask if you're unsure.


Include any other details like your word count or the time zone you are emailing from.

You want to find the best editor for your manuscript. Whether you're after a copyedit or a developmental edit, take care when choosing an editor. Tell me all about your manuscript so we can work out if we fit! Have you got precise needs for a turnaround time? Do you want to hear more about style guides? Are you worried about your punctuation? Let me know!

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