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A story board sketch of some scenes. Hand drawn images in boxes, with lines beneath to fill in the narrative. Relevant because developmental editing involves work with scenes.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is all about big the picture. We will look at the building blocks that are at the core of your story. The process will highlight the components of your manuscript that are incredibly strong as well as those that need work. It will provide you with the tools and framework to fix and enhance the foundations of your work so that readers experience your story as intended. The focus will be on the key storytelling elements including plot, pace, characterisation, structure, perspective, conflict, setting, genre and narrative voice.

How it works

A developmental edit is a great opportunity to get some much earnt space from your manuscript. Once you've handed over the files, I hole away with a notebook, pen, and blanket to read the whole thing (figurative) cover to (figurative) cover. This can take a minimum of eight weeks. We will have agreed on the specifics ahead of time.

While I am reading your manuscript, I will take notes on how the story utilises the key elements of the novel throughout. These will be used to form a detailed report of each component. You will be able to see examples of where you have creative fantastic, immersive settings alongside instances where the setting may be distracting or not suited to the genre. It will include examples of how weaker elements can be 
strengthened and how different techniques for approaching plot/characterisation/perspective/etc. have different effects on your readers.

The report will map against comments throughout your manuscript which will help orientate you to find live instances of each story element that may need improvement. These comments will clearly explain how it could be interpreted by the reader and how it might be changed to better convey your story.

All of this will empower you to implement the advice.

It was a real surprise for me that I felt super positive after reading your report rather than having a confidence low. You have somehow managed to give lots of useful feedback without ever making me feel negative or criticised in any way. I now feel inspired and emboldened to work on the manuscript again.

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