Provided here is a selection of samples from manuscripts edited in the past.

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Large Castle
The Warrior Twins and the Magic Tree Spirit - Ashley Prior

Currently querying. Prior and I had a lot of fun line editing her middle grade adventure fantasy. It is a whimsical tale filled with heart-warming moments and thrilling action scenes.

This manuscript needed some work to pull sentences to the proper perspective to ensure the story had a consistent voice. We also honed the dialogue tags to really make the narrative flow.

Aimee was a thrill to work with. She leaves detailed comments on the side of your manuscript incorporating what needs to be changed, as well as providing an explanation on why that change might be necessary, which allowed me to mull over to determine if I agreed on the change or not. - Armanis Ar-feinal
The Theogony of Earth's Gods - Abigail Costello

Rooted in Greek mythology, Costello's debut novel tells a multi-narrative adventure of six young strangers tied by the same fate.

We worked together to strengthen the voices in each perspective so that each was distinct. Throughout, we worked on varying sentence structure to cultivate an engaging narrative.

Hedgehog Cover (1).jpg
Hedgehog – Armanis Ar-feinal

Published September 2021. I worked with Ar-feinal to line and developmental edit his first book of an urban fantasy series. Hedgehog is a raw and emotional opening novel that explores themes of PTSD among war veterans alongside a gripping fantasy plot.

I enjoyed working with Ar-feinal to strengthen lines of text throughout the novel to keep an engaging pace and emotive story. I also provided a mini-report on developmental queries that came up through the editing process.

Aimee showed great attention to form and detail, but always made sure to leave room for creator input.
The Minison Project

I am proud to have collaborated with The Minison Project to proofread their inaugural Sonnet Collection. The Minison Project showcases talented poets using the minimal sonnet form, subverting the rules of traditional sonnets. 

The Moth and The Caterpillar

I have worked with magazine publishers The Moth and The Caterpillar for a couple of projects, including working on proofreading the summer editions of their magazines. This project involved working on paper using standard British proofing marks.

Orange Crush – Ashal Calder

A coming-of-age young adult fiction following a group of teenagers get caught up in an Odyssey meets A Christmas Carol adventure, one night in 1994. I worked with Calder to line edit sections of his book to develop the hook and strengthen the tension of the opening scenes. Working on such a well-presented book was an exciting process of conversation into finer narrative style points and characterisation. 


Orange Crush is available for purchase in eBook and paperback format on Amazon.

Is a publisher going to pick up my manuscript because I hired Aimee? I don't know. But I do know that I'm not going to spend the rest of my life wondering if I fell short because I didn't hire her – that's for sure. - Ashal Calder
Untitled dark fantasy - Darkzterroid

As yet unpublished. This piece is a developing dark fantasy which great scope for direction and world-building. I had a lot of fun working with Darkzterroid to workshop opening scenes and perspectives.

Well-written fantasy almost begs for a novel's worth of untold exposition to serve as the base of world-building. Working with fantasy authors to whittle down prose to the essentials to create a convincing world is the most rewarding part of editing fantasy.

Medieval Castle
Freedom Wars.jpg
Afro-America: The Freedom War by Nijual Hilton

Hilton's book is an alternate history science fiction novella responding to the political moment surrounding Black Lives Matter and racial equality. He creates a world in which segregation is the basis of the political structure in America and uses that to critique world views.

I worked with Hilton to copyedit, format, and proofread his book ready for Amazon KDP.

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