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A selection of my past projects.

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The Druid Twins - Adam Maxted

Maxted's warming story of young twins whisked of on a treacherous journey came to me for a copyedit. It was copyediting in British English using the Oxford Style Guide. We focused on finding alternatives to filler words and phrases.

Whimsical garden gnome stood by two plant pots. Not the cover, but it does capture the childlike innocence of Maxted's novel.

Moving Forward - David Pierce

This beautiful contemporary short with a sci-fi streak told a tale of family and the pain of a child in a divorced family. We worked together to ensure every line had the emotional impact it needed.

The near sillohette of a young girl looking up lovingly at her mother, while her father stands obtuse to one side. Representative of the family dispute in this contemporary sci-fi.

The Theogony of Earth's Gods - Abigail Costello

Rooted in Greek mythology, Costello's debut novel tells a multi-narrative adventure of six young strangers tied by the same fate.

We worked together to strengthen the voices in each perspective so that each was distinct. Throughout, we worked on varying sentence structure to cultivate an engaging narrative.

Greek archetecture, fabulously intact but also wearing with age.



Hour glass and clocks

The Black Bird - Julia Mashraki

In a light developmental edit, I supported Julia in finding an appropriate and distinct voice for her characters.

The classic bold colours of a stack of comic books fanned out in a line.

The Warrior Twins and Magic Tree Spirit - Ashley Prior

Prior's middle grade fantasy had a beautiful sense of setting that we worked together to enhance throughout the novel throughout the line editing process. We also worked on bolstered the perspective to remove unhelpful head-hopping that detracted from the tension of some scenes.

A grand castle set in a lake, the sky is gently powerful.

The Minison Project

The Minison Project is an experimental poetry literary magazine that specialises in sonnets in miniature form. I copyedited their inaugural traditional sonnet collection to ensure consistent US English and proper scansion.

The Minison Project logo. tmp is elegant cursive, set in a delicate wreath.

Afro-America: Freedom War - Nijual Hilton

This book was copyedited in US English using CMOS.

Freedom Wars book cover

Mission Lit

I worked with the Mission Lit team to line edit this innovative sustainable business book. We found the tidiest phrasing we could to ensure that readers where empowered and educated by each and every sentence.

Bold and simple, the Mission Lit book cover.



hour glass

Orange Crush - Ashal Calder

I worked with Calder to line edit sections of his book to develop the hook and strengthen the tension of the opening scenes. Working on such a well-presented book was an exciting process of conversation into finer narrative style points and characterisation. 

Book cover for Orange Crush styled as a school work book with delightful doodles that reference various characters and scenes in the book.

The Moth and The Caterpillar

I copyedited an edition of each The Moth and The Caterpillar's magazine using British English and the Oxford Style Guide.

The Moth magazine cover features the dark sillohette of a woman, with white lines for detail, staring at the viewer over her shoulder.

Get in touch today to see what developmental, line, or copy editing will mean for your manuscript!

See what my past clients have said about me here in my Google reviews.

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