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The Whole Show Bundle

You're putting out all the stops. No expense, time or effort spared. Every nook and cranny of your manuscript will be polished, honed and worked into shape. For the book that will be your legacy, the pinnacle of your creations.

What this bundle includes

Developmental Editing

A detailed report on all the writing theory elements of your manuscript along with comments in the manuscript to help you incorporate edits.

Line editing

Get deep into rhythm and meaning of each sentence. Craft a strong voice, cut the clutter and bring your reader to the heart of the story.

Manuscript Report

A report on the key writing craft elements in your book with practical advice on how to pull your manuscript into shape.


Copyediting in US or British English using the Chicago Manual of Style. You are provided with a file marked up with tracked changes.


Who is this bundle for

This bundle is for the career self-publisher finally writing what will be their masterpiece or the hobbiest crafting a one-off novel that they want to invest deeply in to creating a passion piece.

This amount of editing is ideal, but not practical for the author publishing several books. However, if you have the time and money to indulge in that one book, that one story that you've always wanted to put out there, and have always wanted for it to be gold standard, this is the bundle for you.

Choose from either a developmental edit or a manuscript report to start off. This will address the structural details of your manuscript. A manuscript report is cheaper, but a developmental edit is more in depth.

To follow, a line edit will ensure every sentence of your manuscript has the rhythm, power and impact that you intended.

This finishing touch is the copyedit to tidy up all of the grammar, inconsistencies and continuity errors in the text.

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