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Aimée Hill | Fantasy Editor

Do you need book editing?

Choose one editorial service that your manuscript needs or mix and match to get the full range of edits. Whether you needs fine detail copyediting or substantive developmental editing, there is something here for you.

Get your book edited

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A developmental editor will give you an incredible tool for improving the macro elements of your writing skills and story. Get feedback on how you use, and can improve, devices such as plot, pace, characterisation and more. You will receive critique in the form of queries in your manuscript and a 20+ page report.

A stack of notebooks. Maybe they're manuscripts that need to be edited.

This is the stylistic edit. We work together to shape your authorial voice. Here we delve into how sentence structure, word choices and tone impact how your reader experiences your book. This is complete with track changes edits and comments in your manuscript and a 5+ page report.

The typical table of a copyeditor mid edit.

Let's get your grammar and punctuation all straightened out. And it's not just about spelling. Copyediting will ensure your manuscript is consistent in both language and fine details. We can't have character's ordering a coffee and then later sipping their tea.

Bundled Services

What's the best part about a bundled service? You get a 10% discount on copyediting when you book editorial services as a bundle!

Book Editing | How does it work?

What level of editing you need will depend on your manuscript and your writing skills. Each editing phase has its own nuances and features. Developmental editing is more than rewriting. Copyediting is more that correcting. Your final draft deserves proper care and attention from your book editor. Whether you're self published or traditionally published, there's a service for you.

What does a freelance editor do?

What is a developmental edit?

A developmental editor that specialises in fantasy will know all the ins and outs of the fantasy subgenres. They will make sure you are using and subverting tropes in a way that your readers will be excited by. They will help you revise your manuscript to tighten the plot, heighten conflict and develop characters.

What is a line edit?

Line editing focusses on the artistry of your writing. Crafting each line will help to convey every emotion and detail that you intended. Here we study the importance of sentence structure in your manuscript. It is a process of reviewing and editing your wording and the message. Your editor will highlight use of clichés and evaluate whether they are effective or distracting. If you have a problem with clunky POV shifting or headhopping, they will be ironed out here.

What is a copyedit?

We all know a copyedit involves checking grammar and spelling. A copyeditor will ensure that punctuation is used correctly and that sentences are clear. They will also ensure that it adheres to the chosen style guide and that the text is free of inconsistencies of plot details or timelines. An editor specialising in fantasy will check all of your imagined components are referred to consistently.

Still unsure? Ask an editor!

Let me know what troubles you are having with your manuscript and we can work out together what editing service you might need. Editing a book is a personal experience so you deserve help with editing that is completely tailored to you.

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