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Editing Services.

How can I help you?

With two core services and four bundled services to choose from, your manuscript will get all the care it needs. Leap straight into the level of editing you need here or scroll for services specific to novels, short stories and more.

Could it be your manuscript lay on the table ready for editing with an ink pot and leather bag?

Developmental Editing

Are your story blocks sound? Is each element at the core of your manuscript doing what it should do?

A dreamy stack of books. Much like the stack of books I use for editing.

Line Editing

Sentences have rhythm and flow. They have impact. They need to be just so to say what you want them to say.

Book Editing | Tailored Bundles

A russet apple sat on top of an unbound manuscript tied up with a leather thread.

This bundle is for you if you're a career self-publisher and have a manuscript you want to pull into shape ready for publishing. A developmental edit followed by a copyedit with all the time you need to work through suggestions and ask questions will set you on your way.

For when you have a short story written and a magazine submissions deadline looming. Each and every sentence of a short story counts for so much. Workshop each word and dust away the typos with a line edit followed by a copyedit.

A bookcase full of books and nicnaks.
Books and blankets.

Testing the waters with your first book? Or is your dream to just get this one story out there? A manuscript report to get feedback on your story as a whole followed by a copyedit might be the cost-effective bundle for you.

Need it all? This will have you set. A developmental edit or manuscript report, followed by a line edit, all topped off by a copy edit. Your manuscript will shine!

A library bookcase with a simple ladder resting against it.
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