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Trust between you and your editor

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The publishing industry is heavily based on trust.

I adore working with authors. When a project is actually underway and the business side of things have been agreed the whole process is engaging and uplifting for both my clients and me.

Vibrant balloons on a bright, cloudy background. Most of them have a smile printed on them, though there are two with a frown but we'll ignore those.

I love sending encouraging emails, and I get the loveliest ones back.

Recently, someone asked if editors ever fear authors will 'exploit' them. I saw this off the back of seeing several cries for help from authors who had fallen prey to predatory publishing, marketing and editing companies.

I don't believe an author has ever knowingly tried to 'exploit' me. I have seen authors be initially protective over their work having seen or experienced predatory behaviour by companies promising to help them.

What can happen is an author has expectations of line editing when we've negotiated a contract for copyediting for instance. But I believe, as the expert in these terms and processes, it is my responsibility to make that clear with authors and manage expectations so that I serve them properly.

A team of hands stacked on top of each other. One person has a cool tattoo, but that's not the point.

The whole relationship is built on trust. When I first started in this industry, authors coming across as 'pushy' about my pricing caused me to not trust them. I soon learnt that actually their concern was with their ability to trust me and the value of my work. Maintaining professionalism, being fully transparent about pricing and expectations, and providing high quality work earns me the trust of my authors. And authors deserve to have me earn their trust with so many predatory companies out there.

I now see a wary author as being a diligent author which helps me to trust them more.


Find an editor who you can trust. This will be an editor who is transparent about their abilities, pricing, and process. An editor who will make clear to you what the deadlines are and when they plan to make contact along the way.


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