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Why Hire a Specialist Fantasy Editor?

For fantasy authors, the enchanting worlds they create and the captivating characters they bring to life hold the power to transport readers to realms of magic and wonder. However, crafting an immersive fantasy narrative demands meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of the genre's unique nuances. That's where a specialist fantasy editor comes in. In this blog post, we delve into the reasons why hiring an expert fantasy editor can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your fantastical tale.

This is exactly how I work as a fantasy editor. Well I don't work with thick, yellowing notebooks or vials of colourful liquid. But I do have a terrarium and an ink bottle on my desk.

A Fantasy Editor Has Genre-Specific Expertise

A specialist fantasy editor possesses an in-depth knowledge of the fantasy genre, from epic quests and magical systems to mythical creatures and fantastical settings. Their familiarity with fantasy tropes and conventions allows them to evaluate your manuscript with a discerning eye, ensuring that your story resonates with devoted fantasy enthusiasts. They can give guidance on how to pitch your manuscript to the right audience for your fantasy subgenre. An editor specialising in fantasy will have read a lot of it themselves! They will be able to appreciate where you are embracing fantasy genre tropes and refine the elements where you are subverting them.

An Expert Eye on Worldbuilding Perfection

Worldbuilding is the cornerstone of any exceptional fantasy narrative. A seasoned fantasy editor can assess the coherence and consistency of your world, ensuring that the laws of magic, culture and geography align seamlessly. With their guidance, your readers will be fully immersed in your meticulously crafted world. Fantastic worldbuilding will integrate with the plot. A fantasy editor will pick up on elements of your worldbuilding that should influence your characters and the story. They will also have an eagle eye on when traveling across the realm doesn't line up with the timelines!

Another Brain Sifting Through Magic Systems and Lore

There's worldbuilding and then there's worldbuilding! In the realm of fantasy, magic systems and mythologies are as vital as the characters themselves. A skilled fantasy editor can help you build comprehensive and consistent magic systems and lore, leaving your readers captivated by the intricacies of your fantastical world. They will know just the right questions to ask of your magic systems depending on whether they are a hard magic system or a soft one. They will also understand that there is likely a whole book's worth just of lore sat behind your actual manuscript.


As you embark on your fantastical journey, remember that hiring a specialist fantasy editor can transform your manuscript into an awe-inspiring epic. Their genre-specific expertise, dedication to worldbuilding, character development finesse and passion for enchanting storytelling will breathe life into your fantasy narrative. Embrace the magic of collaboration with a skilled fantasy editor, and watch your imaginative tale evolve into an unforgettable literary masterpiece that will transport readers to realms beyond their wildest dreams.


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