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The Short Story Bundle

Submit to your favourite literary journals with confidence. Short stories are dense vessels of imagery, meaning and rhetoric. Every word needs to have power and place. Have each line of your short story analysed with a speedy turnaround ready for that submissions window.

What this bundle includes

Line editing

Get deep into rhythm and meaning of each sentence. Craft a strong voice, cut the clutter and bring your reader to the heart of the story.


Copyediting in US or British English using the Chicago Manual of Style. You are provided with a file marked up with tracked changes.

All bundles include a discount on copyediting.

Who is this bundle for?

This bundle does what it says on the tin. A clunky sentence in a novel is forgotten by the end of the chapter. Short stories aren't quite as forgiving. If you're preparing a short story, or a batch of short stories, for submissions windows then this bundle is for you.

Line editing looks are the pace, rhythm and rhetorical devices of each of your sentences. It helps you cut lines that are distracting and expand on the strong ideas. We look at what is motif and what is just repetition. We sharpen the point of view and narration. We critique what stylistic choices make up your unique authorial voice.

Typing errors and grammatical mistakes could distract the submissions editor from how the brilliance of your short story. There's no worse feeling than spotting an obvious typo just seconds after you've sent off your work. A copyedit will rid your short story of these embarrassing slipups!

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