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Line Editing

Line editing is about making every line better. It is about me knowing what you were trying to say and us working out how to say it better. It is communicative and it celebrates your manuscript. Together we delve into the rhythm of your sentences, how they will be perceived by the audience and how each word can exemplify your story and characters.

How it works

Line editing is the most communicative stage of editing. After all, this is the stage where you are trusting me to step in and tease apart your sentences. The most important aspect of line editing is understanding your voice and intentions. You will fill in a questionnaire about your manuscript, your characters, and how you want the readers to feel about the text. What I am trying to gauge here is what excites you about your book. By knowing that, I can preserve and enhance your voice.

At the end of the process, you are provided with a marked-up manuscript with comments and edits in the text. All changes are tracked and ready for you to accept or reject.

Every change and suggestion that I make is one that I can justify to you against industry knowledge and your intentions for engaging your readership. My advice guides your hand at recasting sentences to strengthen them.

The finished product might look quite different from where we started, but it will still be your words.

Aimée was fantastic. I assumed the editing process would be Aimée editing my book, which she did do, but I now realize that it was more about editing and improving my writing ability. Not only do I have a novel now – something I've always wanted to do – but I'm a far better writer than I was before.

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