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Making Social Media Work for You

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Social media is steeped in everything we do. From the avid user who updates their stories hourly to the casual scroller using Instagram to keep up to date on their interests. It has a place in all of our lives.

It can be difficult for the casual user to even think about a social media presence for their business, and perhaps difficult for an avid user to know how to use it most effectively.

A social media presence is important for widening your platform. Good use of hashtags will draw in new followers. Regular posts will keep your brand in the minds of current followers.

A good way to get started is a post schedule of one post per day.

This tip is for both the casual and the avid user. Both encourages the habit of regular posting and allows time to play around with ratios of different kinds of content.

Marketing is a delicate art. A Twitter feed that is entirely composed of “BUY MY PRODUCT” isn’t going to be very successful. What is the average user getting out of following that account other than another source of in-you-face advertising? But of course you can’t avoid talking about your product all together because then no one will know it exists.

This is where balancing product marketing with content marketing is effective.

Product marketing is what comes to mind when people think of adverts. Think a video of a phone rotating in mid air as a convincing voice tells you it is a Must Have.

Content marketing is a meaningful interaction made by a business that does not directly sell their product.

This blogpost is an example of content marketing. Creating a handy infographic on common grammar errors to provide for free would be content marketing. Content marketing shows the companies expertise in their area as well as building a relationship with the audience.

The final type of marketing your likely to utilise on your social media is brand marketing.

This is more than having a good logo and name, though these are important. It’s about the voice you use when interacting with clients and potential clients.

Brand marketing is about choosing whether your company posts funny images of cats to Instagram or formal and informative text posts to LinkedIn. If your company is the latter, all interactions must follow suit. If someone responds to your formal text post, replying to them with a fun gif is going to send mixed messages.

Creating an idea of your brand is like creating a cookie cutter with which to shape all of your interactions.

There is no wrong voice to pick for your brand, so long as it accurately portrays how your company functions and fills a need in the market. Perhaps a cutesy and approachable editing company for young aspirational writers could be incredibly successful. What is important is that your brand matches your prospective clients needs.

Once you’ve planned what will fulfil your needs for Product, Content, and Brand marketing it is time to create a posting schedule that will be effective in both retaining attention and driving sales.

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