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How to Sell your Book: Authenticity online

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

For many writers, a daunting aspect of publishing is the bit at the end. The book is written, edited, typeset, formatted to eBook or print, and is now a thing. A real-life thing. But not a thing that anyone is talking about or is about to buy.

As business advertising is getting more creative, we are getting more adept and scanning past it.

What is important are the posts from the real people that we can form connections with. Superficial interactions for corporations come across as inauthentic and as if to sell your something. Because that's what they are.

What you, personally, have is authenticity.

You're not posting a meme because "this will really capture the 17-24 year old demographic". You are posting a meme because it resonated with you and it will capture a sense of who you are for your fans.

Marketing your book shouldn't begin upon completion. Marketing your book should begin upon conception.

Your aim with social media marketing is closer to the content marketing strategy in one of my previous blogposts about social media marketing. Your fans will care about your book because they care about you.

Many authors turn to Twitter as an engine for stream-of-consciousness venting about an experience they face as a writer. Or they will tweet a funny exchange they've had with an editor. Or even humbly open up about personal struggle with the writing process.

A stack of books being passed to an individual at a bookshop. The covers are just visible.

Writing a book consumes so much of your mental capacity and your time. You'll find that just tweeting regularly about what interests you in life will lead to your book entering the consciousness of your fans long before it is near completion.


Of course, when your book is complete there are some bigger elements of marketing beyond social media that could significantly boost your books reach that we will talk about soon here. But as you go now, building relationships and talking about your book as an art form you're creating rather than a product you're selling will create interest.

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