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Resource Bank.

A selection of guides to support you with writing and editing
Hiring an Editor Cover.png

Hiring an editor for your book

Hiring an editor doesn't need to be overwhelming. This guide will walk you through discerning whether your manuscript is ready for a professional editor, give advice on where to find an editor and provide insight on how to pick the best one for you. It has handy exercises to support you in organising your thoughts about your manuscript to present to any editor you approach.

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The Ultimate Plotting and Self-Editing Tracker

Are you a plotter, flummoxed by all the intricacies of the story your building? Or a pantser who now has tens of thousands of words staring up at them in a complete first draft. This one stop spreadsheet for tracking book details will help you get all the details lined up. With sheets for everything from story idea creation to tracking the vast history of your world's lore, this spreadsheet will help you get your manuscript all the way from a fresh idea to a polished draft.

Using Track Changes.png

A Guide to Track Changes

You receive your manuscript back from your editor. You open it. It greets you with red everywhere, in the margins, on the text. There are lines through some segments and bright red replacement words. When you're not expecting it, Track Changes can be very overwhelming. This guide will help you make sense of the edits your receive so you can take on the suggestions with confidence.

Using Track Changes.png

Self-narrating Your Audiobook

If you've decided your voice is best for your audiobook, your next step is to set up your recording environment. This resource, created with Monkey Hill Media, will show you everything you need to know for recording your audio. It gives some advice on the equipment you should buy, best practices for recording and gives you the confidence to take the next step.

Want more of this?

The resources you see here are only the beginning! Check back this winter for more essential writing and editing support.


If you can't wait and want some hands on support with your manuscript, get in touch for editing today!

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